Together we encourage

Pupil Care

At Highfield and Brookham, the needs and development of our children are at the heart of everything we do. From the time our boarders wake up in the morning and our day pupils arrive, their care and well-being is of the utmost importance to our dedicated staff who are committed to making them feel safe and nurtured.

We know that children need to feel secure and happy in order to try their best, learn successfully and thrive. During their time with us, we are here to safeguard the children, to listen to them, to support them through the challenges of life, to cherish their individuality and educate others to do the same. From Nursery onward, children are taught a comprehensive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum which allows them to develop their emotional literacy, social skills, resilience and independent thinking. Whether in the classroom, on the Astro pitch or in the Art room, our children are developing their ability to express themselves, work collaboratively, set goals and reflect upon their successes.

Health Centre

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of utmost importance. Our Health Centre is staffed by caring, registered nurses with paediatric training and experience who work closely with families of any children with ongoing medical conditions. Our nurses are also available during the day to care for any child who may be injured or become unwell.

Fully-Trained Staff

We have three Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainers within the staff body across Highfield and Brookham, and all teachers, as well as numerous parents, attend our termly MHFA course. More than 300 parents have already attended the course and found it very beneficial. With pastoral care hugely important to us, our school also works very closely with a child psychologist.

Our Form Tutors and Heads of Year are instrumental in helping pupils develop their sense of independence, resilience, self-awareness and self-esteem

Peer Listeners and Listening Club

Nursery and Pre-prep children can choose to attend a weekly Listening Club to speak to an adult to share any worries or concerns they may have. Furthermore, during their final year at Highfield Prep School, Year 8 children are trained to be supportive and empathetic Peer Listeners. All of our pupils know there is always someone they can talk to if they need to, and that we will work with them to find the right adult or peer for them.

Beyond Highfield Prep School

We take a considered, long-term view with everything we do. In and out of the classroom, we take into account the world in which our children are growing up. We ponder the future, what lies ahead of them in senior school and beyond, such as the risks they face online, the pressures they will face in adolescence, and awareness of the natural world around them.

We focus on helping our children build an awareness of the world beyond Highfield Prep School, on developing grit and resilience and, most importantly, a sense of self-awareness

Learning Support

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential and that any particular needs are identified and addressed as soon as possible. In Pre-prep, the children are carefully monitored by their class teacher, who keeps parents informed of progress and any concerns. Additional support is offered targeting specific areas such as boosting phonic knowledge or through individual lessons with qualified, specialist teachers. At Highfield Prep, all pupils undergo annual cognitive ability and attainment tests. This means any difficulties can be identified early to ensure appropriate support is offered.

All children are monitored by the Head of Learning Support, who observes and assesses children on an informal basis and offers advice and support to class teachers and parents. We also have close links with occupational therapists and speech and language therapists, which enables us to offer an holistic approach to our support.

Support for Overseas Pupils

We know how important it is for our new international pupils to settle in as quickly as possible. Children who are away from home and new to boarding are very likely to feel homesick now and again. All our boarders, whether international or not, were new at some stage and both we and the children find it useful to pair up new boarders with children who have been at the school longer to help them feel more at home in those key first few weeks. Our kind and friendly boarding houseparents and matrons are experienced in looking after overseas pupils and recognise the needs and challenges they may face. Staff and children alike help all newcomers get stuck into all the many and varied activities on offer and to keep busy. As a result, children invariably find that any homesickness soon passes and the weeks fly by all too quickly. Importantly, any child who does feel upset or worried knows that there are many different people who they can turn to for support.