Together we achieve

Academic Ambition

Our ethos is simple – we want our children to receive the very best education. We want to nurture a love of learning in and out of the classroom that will stand them in good stead throughout their educational journeys and way, way beyond.

We want to help children discover their strengths, uncover passions and develop life skills. Your children are unique and it’s our job to get to know them as individuals, to nurture their talents and support them at all times. Be it at Highfield or Brookham, we want to deliver an all-round education that prepares children for the future, equipping them well for whatever life throws at them.

Specialist Teaching

Schools are nothing without fantastic, dedicated teachers. They truly are fundamental to the delivery of the greatest education. Recognising this, we recruit only the very best teachers and employ subject specialists throughout Highfield and Brookham – not simply the most qualified but those with a true passion for their subject. We look for inspirational teachers who will ignite a spark in enquiring young minds. And we train and develop our teachers during their time with us to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of the highest standards of educational practice.

Engaging Curriculum

Our rigorous, structured curriculum includes a progressive programme of varied and dynamic content. Challenge is always at the heart of our learning and we inspire and motivate our children to become courageous learners, putting their heart and soul into everything they do. Children from Nursery to Year 4 benefit from a dedicated class teacher, with specialist teaching for PE, Music, Swimming, Art, Spanish and Forest School. From Year 5, children are taught by individual subject teachers who bring extra expertise to their classrooms.

Remarkable Facilities

Our extensive facilities provide children with endless learning opportunities. They include a Theatre, Art Studio complete with kiln, three specialist Science labs, DT Studio, Music School and a wealth of sporting options, including an indoor swimming pool and all-weather Astro pitch. We also have 15 natural grass sports pitches, four tennis and netball courts, a nine-hole golf course, a cross-country course and an adventure playground. Not to mention beautiful woodland used for mountain biking, Forest School, bushcraft and campouts, and our very own outdoor cinema. This broad focus ensures children learn well beyond the curriculum and develop skills for life.

Soft Skills Development

We recognise that children need more than just a rigorous academic curriculum to succeed and we are committed to developing skills such as resilience, innovation, collaboration and building relationships. We give children the opportunity to learn and hone these skills everywhere, such as showing resilience running the muddy cross-country course, building relationships with their dorm friends, and working together in our extra-curricular activities. Such skills are as important as knowledge in today’s world, skills that will impress senior schools and future employers alike.

Outstanding preparation for the next step

Through our engaging curriculum, specialist teaching and remarkable facilities, we prepare children for the next steps in their educational journeys and the move up to senior school. We are always here to support you with helpful advice during the process of choosing the right academic path to suit your family, whether you elect to move on after Nursery, at 7+, 11+ or 13+. We have a flawless record of securing entry to a child’s chosen senior school at both 11+ and 13+ while our proven scholarship success is further evidence of our outstanding academic ambition.